Your support was amazing.”

I was hoping for a natural birth, however ended up having to be induced which resulted in intervention and a lengthy labour.

Your support was amazing. You made us feel comfortable with having to alter our desired birthing plan and helped us feel informed about what was happening and what our options were along the way. It felt like you really cared about our situation and you were on the journey with us. Your warm and caring nature was just what I needed to help get me through.

Honestly you were exceptional!

- B.S.

"Exactly the person you want by your side."

I have known Alice for nearly ten years and she is so open and warm that people she meets take to her immediately. I always imagined she was a fantastic midwife, but when I became pregnant and had my own baby I understood that she was exactly the person you want by your side.

She is practical, calm and reassuring, but also always honest and will tell you what you need to hear. Nothing fazes her and she would do anything to help out. Alice is perfectly suited and highly experienced to support you and your partner through the birthing experience.

- C.J.

"I could not have imagined a better experience"

Working with Alice was really great, from our first Skype call, all the way through the birth process she was amazing, helpful, educational, and comforting. 

I had gestational diabetes, and sometimes I was overwhelmed by what the doctors said, and she helped to explain things in regular terms which was very helpful. Since she was a midwife I felt she had even more knowledge of the birth process. She got me through the painful labor, and helped me recognize when I had questions about what some of the nurses or doctors were telling me I needed. I knew from what Alice had told me that I should have a part in making decisions about my care. 

Basically I could not have imagined a better experience with a doula, as we had with Alice. Even my husband was comfortable with her from the beginning, and he can be kind of shy around new people. She went beyond my expectations! I would hire her again in a heart beat, and recommend her to anyone I knew looking for a doula.

While we were in the hospital we had 4 different nurses and 3 different doctors care for us, as the shifts changed through the 25 hours, I felt none of them really cared about me as a person, just a medical patient. Alice cared and was our only constant, so important for me in my first pregnancy. 

- K.M.

"I am already looking forward to delivering baby number two with Alice!"

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Alice to anyone seeking a confident and competent doula to assist in their delivery. My husband and I were truly amazed by the outstanding level of support Alice offered us during the birth of our daughter.

From the onset, she communicated clearly and often. It was obvious she wanted to completely understand our birth plan, as well as to understand our contingency plan boundaries and sensitivities. During the entire 36 hour labor, Alice was able to keep all of us calm and informed by encouraging us to ask lots of questions and by empowering us with her wisdom from years of birthing experience.

I am already looking forward to delivering baby number two with Alice!

- S.W.


"I recommend her to any new parents"

Alice was amazing! Her support at the hospital was just what I needed. She made sure I understood what the doctors and nurses were explaining to me. She even supported my husband through the whole labor & delivery. 

We're so honored to have had her be there for our baby's birth! And I recommend her to any new parents out there that need warm, loving, and practical support. What a gem!

- M.H.

“Exactly what I needed”

Thank you so much for being such an amazing doula for the birth of our [our son]. Your guidance and calm support was exactly what I needed. I’m so grateful that we met!

- J.K