Is there evidence that suggests that doulas make a difference to birth ?

Yes! Research shows that overall, women who receive continuous labor support are less likely to experience/require:

  • Epidural or other regional analgesia        
  • Birth with vacuum extraction or forceps
  • Birth by cesarean
  • Dissatisfaction or a negative rating of their baby's birth

My partner will be at the birth so why do we need a doula there as well?

My role as a doula is to support you both, to ensure you feel safe, calm and connected. Birth partners often need to be reminded of some of the techniques they learnt at childbirth classes or to be taught some new ones. They may find they need a little break or to be fed and watered while they support and comfort you. I am there for you as a couple in whichever way you need me to be. 

How soon can you be with me once I am in labor?

I aim to be with you within an hour - most labors, even second or subsequent ones offer some kind of warning sign! We will discuss these signs and I'll ask you to stay in touch when you become aware of them. Even if you don't need me to come for a few hours, it gives me the opportunity to get myself and my family organized so that I can come to you swiftly when you start to feel you would like me there. 

How does payment work? 

I usually ask for payment to be split over two checks; one I will deposit when I receive it to secure the booking and the other I will deposit when your baby is born. This is purely to avoid having to discuss money and write checks on your baby's birthday!

What if I am planning an epidural or Cesarean section?

That's great. Knowing what you want for your birth is the first step to being empowered to make choices. My goal as a doula is help you feel educated, prepared and confident about whichever way you choose to birth your baby. I will be with you and continue to provide emotional and informational support throughout.  

What is your doula style?

My style is whatever you need it to be, and most importantly I will be with you every step of the way. I am a very adaptable person and can take on a coaching role, a gentle encourager role and everything in between. I often take the time to simply observe a woman when I first see her in labor and consider what it is that she needs to get her in the zone if she isn't there already. I often adapt my style as her or her birth partner's needs change.