My journey working with pregnant women started in 2005 when I began my midwifery training. I adored every minute of my training: learning the anatomy and physiology of normal pregnancy and the variations that both pre-existing and pregnancy induced conditions can have on both women and babies. I trained in a large hospital with a birth rate of 7000 per year and became skilled at caring for women right through from the first trimester until a month after the birth, both with no complications and those needing more complex obstetric support. I qualified in 2008 and have been practicing as a midwife ever since.

Whilst keeping up to date with all areas of midwifery, working in prenatal and postnatal care, my work has predominantly been in midwifery-led birth centers caring for women in labor and personally delivering many hundreds of babies. Each birth is unique and no two women’s needs have ever been the same. And that’s the bit I love.

Throughout my career, I became increasingly passionate about women’s emotional wellbeing and took a post graduate course at Masters level in Pregnancy, Birth and Mental health in order to gain a better understanding of the impact mental health has on pregnancy and birth and vice versa. Ever since then I have developed a deeper understanding of the importance of meaningful, good quality, one to one support for women and their birth partners so that they may feel empowered and in charge of their baby’s birth.

I strongly believe that the more supported, comfortable and content a woman and her partner feel with the way in which their baby entered the world, the easier the transition to parenthood will be.

I am down to earth, calm, compassionate and loving with a good sense of fun. I love adventure and spontaneity and thrive on a challenge.

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn with my husband and our two lovely children Esme, 5 and Grace, 2, having moved from London in May 2017 where I had lived my whole life. I am having a wonderful time getting to know this amazing city and look forward to supporting fellow women and their families!

I really look forward to meeting you!