Are you looking for compassionate support to guide you through the birth of your baby?


I am Alice Mackenzie, a registered midwife in the UK and a birth doula, practicing in New York. I am passionate about supporting women to achieve a positive birth experience. I feel strongly that the role of a doula is to help women and their partners achieve the birth experience they desire, irrespective of what that may be.

I will be there to help you stay relaxed and focused, ensure you feel empowered and free to concentrate on birthing your baby. I will be by your side supporting you to make informed decisions about your care, to work through any information that you feel unsure about and to be a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas. Using measures such as rebozo, massage and pressure point techniques as well as supporting hypnobirthing, homeopathy and aromatherapy, I will help you to feel calm, present and free to follow your body's natural birthing instinct.

I work on the assumption that all women can birth their babies naturally until proven otherwise. I feel it is important to acknowledge that from time to time intervention is necessary but that all women should look back on the birth of their baby feeling they were involved in decision making. As a doula I am there to protect your birthing rights such as ensuring you are involved in all decision making.

I have experience caring for women in a wide variety of situations. I have cared for women birthing their babies at home, in birth centers and in hospital settings. I have looked after women birthing breech babies and twins naturally, as well as those chosing to give birth naturally following a previous Cesarean section (VBAC). I have cared for women undergoing both planned and unplanned Cesarean section as well as supporting LGBTQ+ women, single mothers and those with little or no support.

It would be my pleasure to help make the birth of your baby a positive and fulfilling experience and to ensure that the moment you meet your baby is as magical as it should be.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable with whoever you have with you throughout this incredible journey.



I will be available for support via phone and email throughout your pregnancy and can meet for face to face support whenever you need it.

We will meet at 34 weeks to discuss your birth hopes and dreams and go through some practicalities. 

Your birth wishes will be my birth wishes so let's talk them through.


Labor and Birth

I will be ‘on call’ for you from 34 weeks of pregnancy, ready and waiting to help you to welcome your baby/babies into the world.

I will be with you to support and empower you to achieve a birth that you feel proud of. I will help you to navigate the twists and turns in the road, should they arise, and help you to feel calm and comfortable using a variety of relaxation techniques.


Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby I will come to see you at home.

We will explore, reflect on and celebrate your birth, discuss the journey so far with your new baby and work on anything you need support with. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a complimentary meeting to discuss your wishes.